Top 10 List of best Restaurants in Islamabad


Islamabad is the capital and most Stunning city of Pakistan. There is so many Food points in Islamabad where you can enjoy with your family and friends. In this article, we will show you the top list of best restaurants in Islamabad.

monal restaurant

Monal Restaurant Islamabad:

Monal Restaurant Islamabad is in the Margalla Hills. This is one of the Best restaurants in Islamabad. A lot of varieties of food. Not Quantity but also the quality is fantastic. Chicken Karachi, Chapli Kabab, Naan is the specialty of this place.  Location of this restaurant is tremendous the view from the mountain is an amazing experience.  In short, Islamabad trip cannot be completed without visiting this place.

restaurants in islamabad

Chaye Khana Restaurant:

Now the next one is not other than Chaye Khana., This restaurant is famous for its yummy tea and delicious Kahwa. If you are a tea lover then must go, there. This Ambiance was good and corporated. And tried to help their customers. Quality of breakfast is amazing. Recommended visiting with family and friends.

top restaurants in islamabad

Kabul Restaurant Islamabad

Kabul Restaurant is in collage road, Jinnah Market. You can say this restaurant is iconic place of Islamabad. Best Location, Good ambiance, and Fantastic Food. Quantity and Quality both are Good. Barb Que is the specialty of this restaurant.

islamabad food

Street 1 Restaurant in Islamabad:

Street 1 restaurants are in 2, Kohsar Market 1 Street 1, Islamabad. You can find every yummy Western food in this restaurant. Yummy Pasta with prawns was delicious and also the steak was tender and cooked as asked. Must try the Chicken soup. It’s fantastic.

chinese restaurant in islamabad

Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad:

Tuscany Courtyard is in F-6/3, Kohsar Market, Islamabad. Tuscany Courtyard is one of the best Italian food restaurants in Islamabad. Pizza is awesome as its bread is too soft and crisp. Best restaurant to visit with family and friends. Ambiance behavior is friendly and professional. You can enjoy your lunch or dinner with background soft music.

islamabad food

Savour food Islamabad:

Savour food is in Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad 44000. The specialty of Savour food is its delicious Chicken or beef Palaow with Shami Kabab and Roasted Chicken piece. Mostly people are coming for lunch with family and friends. Savour food is one of the cheap restaurants in Islamabad. Too economical. Servers are also good.

Des Pardes Restaurant Islamabad

Des Pardes Restaurant:

Des Pardes Restaurant is in Saidpur Village, Islamabad. Location is fantastic. You can enjoy the view of margalla hills & Daman-e-Koh. You can also visit gurdwara in the back of Des Pardes Said Pur Branch. Lamb chops from heaven, goat karahi, and palak paneer same good well-tasting Chops and Mutton are too good. Awesome environment with good food and best live music in the background.

top restaurants in islamabad

HOWDY Islamabad:

HOWDY Islamabad is in Street 1 Off_ Margalla Ave. Howdy is the best fast food restaurant in Islamabad. Taste of burger, Sandwich and fries are always good. If you want juicy big size burgers, with mint margarita then HOWDY is that place. Highly Recommended for Lunch and dinner.

Barbe Que Tonight Islamabad

BBQ Tonight Islamabad:

BBQ Tonight is in Sohrab Plaza, Block 32, Fazl-e-Haq Road, Islamabad. This is one of the best Bar be Que restaurants in Islamabad. This restaurant has some Great desi foods and verity of BBQ.  The variety on the menu is great while the ambiance and the service are also awesome. chicken tikka mutton seeks kabab and goal kabab mutton are awesome. Highly recommended with family, friends and even your business partners.

best fast food restaurants in islamabad

Pizza Originale Islamabad:

If you find the Thin, fresh, crunchy best pizza in Islamabad then trust me Pizza Originale is only the place providing the yummy and delicious Pizza. Perfect thin crust pizza with the perfect amount of topping. They use high-quality sauce and cheese and create some really great pizza. And they do it all for a very reasonable price!