Chitta khatta lake is one of the best hill station in KPK


Chitta khatta lake in KPK:

KPK is one of the beautiful City of Pakistan. There are many Hill station in KPK. Samundar Katha Lake is located near Nathia Gali KPK, the lake is on 25 minutes drive from Abottabad. After driving of 25 minutes, the lake is just located 5 meters away from Bara Gali. Samundar Katha is a village where Chitta Khatta Lake is present.

Best tourist places in KPK:

The beautiful lake is a gift built by the Kpk Forest Department and You can see the Pashtoon culture is this place. An Opening ceremony was arranged on 8th August 2019 for the opening of Samundar Katha Lake. This beautiful lake is built by the help of Kpk Tourism Corporation with the collaboration of Forest department, Adventure Edge and Galiyat Develop Authority. In short Chitta Katha Lake is one of the best Tourists Places in KPK.

This Eye-catching lake is hidden between the Lush green Mountains which add more beauty to the lake. The sight is magical and the people who visited the lake, are in the spell of the beautiful scenery.

Hotel Elite Nathiagali:

Samundar Katha Lake is basically the project of Hotel Elites Nathia Gali, which offers hospitality in the hills. The Samundar Katha Lake is an Adventure Park too. Following adventurous things are offered in this park;

  • Boating
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Zip Line
  • Archery
  • Canoeing
  • Mountain cycling

You can plan your trip to Samundar Katha Lake to enjoy the beautiful scenery and to see the beauty of Nature. The Lake is just 5 km away from Bara Gali, the 4 km road is smooth but after it, the 1 km way is not smooth. The 1 km way is rough and bumpy, so take care of your self if you are going there. If you are here to see the beauty of nature and searching for the best Hotels near you then must visit this link.