So you want to look fit and healthy this year, but don’t know from where to start? We are providing you the best fitness blogs to encourage and motivate you to start your fitness journey.


That blog was established to take care of your health and fitness by providing you with the best fitness blogs. This blog is informative and educational for the people who are looking for the weight loss, healthy diet and to tone up their body in an ideal shape. Everyone can get the helpful and beneficial material here whether they are the beginners or the experts who aim for the fitness goals.


Founded by “James Follacchio” who provides the best fitness blogs for the men and women who are looking for weight loss, to build up their muscles and sculpt the bodies in a proper shape. Different articles of the workout with the pictures are available here to encourage you to live the healthy and fit lifestyle. It has a lot of workout blogs from where you can learn and practice the proper exercise postures in your fitness journey. The correct posture is essential in the exercise to get and build the body shape.


Crabby McSlacker, the blogger of this Cranky fitness website, had written in his blogs about the ups and downs that may come in your way while getting in shape. This blog will boost you up, encourage and inspire you when you will feel cranky, annoyed and tired during the fitness and workout journey. In 2020, this blog is listed as the top fitness blogs comparatively.


Highly qualified dietician, Lindsay Lingston has established the lean green bean to guide the people how to live a healthy lifestyle. A wide range of nutritional advice is posted in this fitness website for the people, especially for parents to help them in making the nutritious meals and healthy snacks for the children. A healthy diet also plays an important role when you go to the gym for the workouts.


The best fitness blog always aims to provide you with the complete knowledge and guidance about the health and fitness. A lot of articles were posted in our blog like how to lose weight, yoga for the strong and strengthen the body and the healthy diet chart, which will give awareness to the reader to live healthier and happier life.


Like fashionista, the fitness blog was developed by the personal trainer, fitness director and weight loss specialist “Gina Harney” from San Diego. Her blogs are the best fitness blogs for the mothers especially as she writes about the effective and quick workout which can be done anywhere, anytime, no gym required for this.


Katie Dunlop, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor starts to write her blogs on how to stay healthy to change your lifestyle. A lot of honest, fun and informative blogs were written to offer you the weekly workout, healthy and mouth-watering recipes, and quotes. Also helps you in the struggle of weight loss. If you need to live healthier in 2020, then you should visit and follow this fitness website, it may refer as a top fitness blog this year.


It is an organization known as the American Council on Exercise, having certified health coaches and exercise professionals. It covers a wide range of fitness topics like exercises for agility and lower body, strength training, and their benefits. This is one of the top fitness blogs which prevents you from the disease by providing you the education and information about the fitness and send you the trainers, professional and coaches for the guidance.


This is the community which is ready to help you with your fitness journey. Best fitness blogs for the people who want to be a healthier parent, overweight or frustrated, in serious health issues and to feel better about themselves. We aim to help these people to live healthy and happy and more satisfying life by developing small changes in their life. These blogs let you know the difference about the weight loss problems and fat burning process while to go for a walk and get strong.