“Modi, Amit Shah harvesting hate in India, bumper crop is blood”- Gulf News


Narendra Modi- The Father of Hate

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah are reaping scorn in India and that the guard crop is blood, Gulf news said in an Article on Monday.

In an article, Swati Chaturvedi said that “Modi is the father of this hate-filled new India where secularism has been murdered”

Swati Chaturvedi said that the times of India as a cultivated society appear to be a ghastly joke.

She further expressed, that mosques had been torched in Delhi in the wake of putting a triumphant banner on the minarets,  while the police viewed easygoing passers-by when we lost our fundamental mankind and became savages.

Swati Chaturvedi Tweet

Swati Chaturvedi TweetThe Sangh Parivar has a checkered history with mosques — the Babri Masjid was crushed ,in an early fit of detest governmental issues.

34 individuals kicked the bucket as Delhi was permitted to consume. Who is mindful? Would we be able to have responsibility from @DelhiPolice and @AmitShah goes to roll?

If one despaired of humanity in 2002 Delhi, 2020 convinces me that the cherished secular story of India is history. Reporters who tried to bear witness — our most basic duty as the free press — were shot at and their trousers pulled down to ensure that they were Hindu.

Trump in a public interaction called “Modi the father of India”. People laughed and mocked his ignorance, but Trump was prescient- Narendra Modi is the father of this hate-filled new India.