Places to visit in Kashmir


Places to visit in Kashmir:

Most people have full-grown up hearing “Kashmir is Heaven on Earth” however what percentage people have really planned to explore this heaven? Well, In this article we will discuss the Top Places to visit in Kashmir, also traveling to Jammu and Kashmir within the lap of bountiful natural beauty, I questioned what life is actually like and it seems to be a happy expertise as a solution. However, I do know whenever one thinks to go to Jammu and Kashmir ever hyping question synonymous to terrorism and therefore the pictures seem within the mind that takes over the charm of the valleys.

Places to visit in Kashmir:

Due to the various picturesque places to visit in Kashmir, it is often referred to as Heaven in the Earth, as the place is blessed with the most scenic views which are worth a visit.

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And if you’re Planning Jammu and Kashmir tourism for regarding 2-4 days as you’re knowledgeable and can’t spare longer then you want to embrace these superb places in your bucket list.

Azad Kashmir is a globally recognized heaven. It is all due to the vibrant green valleys that compel you to never bat your eyes once you catch sight of it. It is a place of waterways, abundant lakes and a wildlife adventure to experience. This piece of the nation is renowned all around the globe as high as mountains can be; lavish green valleys, powerful waterways, delightful lakes, and astonishing untamed life. Thinking of where to plan your next vacation? Europe can wait; you rather need to count on the top attractions in Pakistan.

Why? Here is why…

Following are the top attractions in Azad Kashmir Tourism you need to see:

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Neelum Valley

Tourist attractions are required to be captivating. This one is for sure. You will find blue waters and greenery, as stunning as anything. This is God’s magnificent gift to mankind, fortunately, located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Anyone suggesting you top attractions in Pakistan would not forget Neelum Valley. It has many suburbs and small town villages, lakes, trekking drags, mountain passes and other sorts of grand highlights which find it among remarkable tourist attractions. Neelum Valley is most visited places in Kashmir.

Places to visit in Kashmir


A famous town in Azad Kashmir which is also known to be a district headquarter of Poonch. An alluring valley amid high hills, located about 80 kilometers away from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Since it is only 80 km, it surely means you can easily reach the area and make the most of it if you are the national capital or Rawalpindi.

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Banjosa Lake

You will definitely find your way here if you get around Rawalakot. Its the Top Places to visit in Kashmir. This is ideally the area boasting a considerable amount of greenery. Green is the color you will find here mostly, followed by a little contouring by red. Above a clear lake are tall trees covering a large area beyond. You usually require heading out there in summer due to a hospitable weather, since temperature hardly exceeds 25°C. As warm as summer gets, winter is forbiddingly cooler, while snowfall sheaths it all around. Imagine having those photos in your camera – lovely! When the autumn season is on the brink, Banjosa is saturated in shades of gold and reddish brown.

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Jhelum Valley

This particular valley of Azad Kashmir is a host of domestic and international tourists, crowding all around in summer. A Installed Pluginsnatural wonder that people seem to find is the curling river passing from East to West amid the gigantic mountains. A region called, “Leepa Valley” in Jhelum is one of the popular tourist attractions people long to visit.

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Toli Pir

Just look at it! Just look at how far it goes. It seems to have everything in terms of greenery you could ask for in a location. A famous peak that you will find your way about if you head to Rawalkot, or if you are not aware of it, you will learn about it while your stay in Rawalkot.

Head to Toli Pir in the final months of spring; the climate is favorable. The rest of the months it is just chilling due to its high altitude. Also, in order to explore the area to its maximum potential, it is always advisable to visit from April to early October.

Pir Chinasi

Situated in the capital of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad, this area is one of the top tourist attractions in Pakistan. Pir Chinasi is an Amazing spot to explore. You are on the run for your patience as well as your safety. Regardless of its alluring location, you always require being very cautious of moving around. The lavishing greenery is what attracts tourists from all across Pakistan. Surrounding the area are pine and oak trees which bloom during summer, while remain blanketed in snow during winters.

Plan you Trip to Kashmir now and have a look on surrounding that makes it more awe-inspiring for the tourist. The visitors can never split their views for a moment.

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Pakistan is blessed with the enormous beauty of nature. The mighty mountains covered with the white blanket of snow, alpine lakes, lush greenery, provide the comfort to the eyes for sure. Due to the spectacular beauty, people visit these places, have an amazing experience and return with amazing memories. The n0orthern areas of Pakistan are just phenomenal, Neelum Valley, Swat, Banjosa Lake, Chitral, Skardu, Kalam and many other places of Azad Kashmir are worth watching. Tourist Companies that make your Kashmir trip exciting, cozy and full of fun. You can get the best-customized Kashmir tour packages with our travel and tourism services.

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