Top 15 Beautiful Places in Islamabad


Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad is famous for its Amazing weather and lush greenery. There is so many beautiful Hill Mountains, beautiful parks with lush greenery. Islamabad is one of the top hill stations in Pakistan. In this article, we will show the Top 10 beautiful places in Islamabad.

Pakistan Monument
Pakistan Monument- Tourists attraction in Islamabad

Pakistan Monument:

The Pakistan Monument is situated in the Shakarparian hills in Islamabad. It is one of the beautiful Parks in Islamabad and Playland. It is the main Landmark of Islamabad.  It is made for the honor of those People of Pakistan who sacrificed their lives for their better future. It represents the history, and culture of Pakistan Indeed National Monument is the Tourists most attraction place in Islamabad.

Lok Virsa Museum
Lok Virsa Museum- Tourist Attraction

LokVirsa Museum:

There are a large art gallery, Music Instruments and many other antiques which are showing its beauty and interaction with Pakistani People. Lokvirsa is one of the best Islamabad tourist places.

Faisal Mosque
Faisal Mosque- Historical places in islamabad

Faisal Mosque:

Faisal Mosque (Masjid) is also the Top Landmark in Islamabad. This is the most sacred and holy place for Muslims. It’s completed in 1986. Faisal Mosque is one of the largest most in the world. This mosque is designed by the Turkish Style. Faisal Mosque is one of the best Historical Place in Islamabad. This place is suitable for families, and Tourist as It has an adorable Library, restaurants, and cafe. Faisal Mosque is one of the Iconic places of Punjab. 

Damn e Koh
Damn e Koh- historical places in Pakistan

Damn e Koh:

Damn e Koh is one the beautiful place in Margalla hills Islamabad. Daman-e-Koh is the best attraction in Islamabad for tourists on their way to the higher viewpoint Pir Sohawa which is located at the top of Margalla Hills at about 3600ft. It is a lovely place to spend holidays with a family with such a peaceful environment. The beauty od admin e Koh is Top hills, great cool weather, and lush greenery.

Rawal lake
Rawal lake- beautiful places in Islamabad

Rawal lake:

Rawal lake is situated in Islamabad Rawalpindi. This place around a large park, a beautiful lake and a small zoo, flowering trees and picnic points for kids’ attraction. One of the best activities for families is to taking paddle and motorboats. Rawal Lake is a man-made reservoir of fresh water from springs and rainfall in surrounding hills. If you want to enjoy with your family we will suggest you visit there at once, you will surely spend as quality time with your family. Rawal lake is one of the beautiful places in Islamabad.

Monal Restaurant
Monal Restaurant- Top places in Islamabad

Monal Restaurant:

Monal Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Islamabad due to its high-quality taste and affordable rates. It is serving all types of food including continental, Italian, Chinese and Pakistani. The specialty of this restaurant is Chicken green with lemon and mutton makhni, with cheese nan. Other items Chicken Biryani, and seekh kabab is also delicious and specialty of this restaurant. Monal Restaurant is also for its best and delicious food.

Jinnah supermart:

Pir Sohawa
Pir Sohawa- best places in islamabad

Jinnah supermart is best for the fashion lover and shopping fonder. This place is also attracting tourists who love to visit Islamabad. All famous hotels, brands, restaurants are here. This is the main reason people are coming here every weekend. Jinnah supermart is one of the Cool and busiest shopping malls in Islamabad.

Pir Sohawa:

If you want to see natural beauty, green mountains and flying birds in a single place then must visit Pir Sohawa. Monal in Islamabad is also located near Pir Oshawa.

Islamabad Club
Islamabad Club- islamabad beautiful places

Islamabad Club:

If you are looking for the best hotel for staying in Islamabad, then we will suggest you book the Islamabad Club. It’s best to place where you can relax and doing other activities like indoor or outdoor swimming, playing, and reading books.

Sadipur village
Sadipur village-islamabad beauty

Sadipur village

Sadipur village is a historical place in Islamabad Pakistan. It is situated in Margilla hill and damin e Koh. There are a small Hindu temple and Sikh gurdwara which is the most attractive pint for tourists. People from local and outsiders are specially coming to take lunch and dinner from famous hotels des pardes restaurant and Andaz Restaurants.