Top 15 Historical Places in Multan!


Historical Places in Multan as a tradition that goes back to the Bronze Age. Rich in archaeology and history, the city has a lot to offer for those in search of culture. But, more then anything, it’s the monuments that give the region a glory of its own. Multan is full of tombs, monuments of Muslim origin, and other Historical Places. Apart from historical buildings, there are two other objects in the city that have almost come to be regarded as monuments on account of their excellent workmanship. These are the two huge, carved wood “Tazzia models”, which are the best specimens of craftsmanship.

City of Saints 

Multan is also called the Saints City of Pakistan. Multan comes with its uniqueness, culture, beauty, and practices. Multan is considered as Pakistan’s 5th most populous city with a population strength of over 3 million people in the Seraiki speaking region of Punjab province. Historical Places in Multan considered one of the major hubs with great tourist attractions.

What makes Multan a place of Interest?

There are several unique things that stand Multan City out from the rest. First, it is one of the oldest cities in existence, for about 5,000 years in history.

Other unique factors include:

It is one of the ancient cities with both spiritual and commercial ties to medieval India.

The ancient Sun Temple highly revered by all users to be located in Multan. This temple was besieged during the Malian campaign by Alexander the Great.

Multan was a very important location for trade during medieval India; therefore, it attracted quite a lot of traders in the 11th and 12th

15 Best Attractions of Multan

1. Fort Kohna
2. Mausoleum of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya
3. Ghanta Ghar
4. Ibn-e-Qasim Bagh Stadium
5. Mausoleum of Shah Rukn-e-Alam
6. Monument of Van Alexander Agnew
7. Bomanji Square
8. Chaar Minar Mosque
9. Delhi Gate
10. Ahmad Shah Abdali’s Birth Place Monument
11. Damdama
12. Chaman Zar Askari Lake Park
13. Char Minar Masjid
14. Ibne Qasim Cricket Stadium
15. Shrine of Mai Maharban

Fort Kohna

Also known as Quila Kohna, is a 2,600-year-old structure erected as a fortress. This ancient structure provided refuge for Multan residents from invaders from both the west and northern neighboring cities. The Fort Kohna is built at the center of Multan on a mound and has since been rebuilt on several occasions with the last time been 1,100 years ago.

The structure is circular in design and 7,000 feet long. It has a carnal of 40 feet wide and 25 feet deep around the perimeter fence; this is to make it difficult for intruders to have access to the structure. It was however destroyed in 1818 by the Ranjeet Singh forces, in 1848 by the British colonial army. The Fort Kohna still commands a lot of tourist interest but currently houses a new structure called Damdama that allows a very good view of the entire city.

Mausoleum of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya

Baha-ud-din Zakariya was a famous Sufi his mausoleum is located on Kohna Qasim Bagh Road near Hajj Complex, Multan Pakistan. A museum in honor of Baha-ud-Din Zakariya. It is the shrine of Zakariya visited by many pilgrims from within and outside Pakistan. He was a disciple of the Sufi Master, Shaikh Shahab, and is highly revered amongst the people due to his efforts in spreading Islam.

Ghanta Ghar

Ghanta Ghar Chowk is a place in Multan, the fifth-largest city in Pakistan, which literally means “Clock Tower Town Square” in Urdu. It is the largest intersection in Multan, near the clock tower of the city called Ghanta Ghar (Multan). The largest diameter of this circular intersection is 127 meters (415 feet), while its minimum diameter is 94.5 meters (310 feet). It has five lanes. This chowk is regarded as the center of Multan. It is the location for many city activities.

It has a newly built mosque in the center named Masjid Allah Wali.

Ibn-e-Qasim Bagh Stadium

It is Multan’s first cricket stadium and also referred to as the Old Fort Stadium established in 1975 as an 18,000-capacity stadium. The Qasim stadium was designed as a multi-purpose stadium but was used for the international cricket games in the 1980s. Several sports events of football and cricket are organizing here.

Mausoleum of Shah Rukn-e-Alam

Shah Rukn-e-Alam mausoleum was located on the Southwest Side of the Fort Premise, Multan, Pakistan. It’s the glory of Multan city. There building is 51 feet 9 inches in diameter internally, their wall is about 41 feet higher and 13 feet thicker. He was a grandson of famous Sufi saint Shaikh Baha-Ud-Din Zakariya. Its historic tomb situated within the facility seem to be the major source of attraction as quite a huge traffic of visitors all come to offer prayers at the tomb to the spirits of holy men or saints buried many years ago.

Monument of Van Alexander Agnew

This is quite a historical monument built based on the Sikh evolution in Pakistan. It is located at Qasim bagh in Kohna Fort, Multan. It was built in memory of Van who was killed under the Sikh administration, resulting in the bloody battle and takeover of the Sikh kingdom by the British.

It is an elongated pole-like structure erected at the Qaim bagh.

Bomanji Square

Bomanji Square Multan is a famous Shopping Mall for its unique design, located in Nusrat Road near Liberty Market, Bomanji Chowk, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. Bomanji House was founded by the man who bore this name in 1891.

This is an ancient family-owned shopping mall with a good amount of both local and foreign brands. It is quite an architectural masterpiece with ample space, well planned. With air conditioning systems, security fittings in place, and elevators to make purchases easier and fun.

Chaar Minar Mosque

Char Minar Masjid is the masjid that has 4 Minar located at Near Multan Fort. It is such a beautiful mosque of Multan city which is the center of attraction of Multan. Char Minar Masjid is the place where so many visitors visit on daily bases and get some beautiful memory in their camera by capturing the pictures of the mosque.

Every city has some beautiful places to visit but cities with the historical architecture of Multan have some edge over the other cities.

Delhi Gate

There is a tourist information center where you can pick up maps and/or also get a tour guide to show you around. Visit the old baths – amazing history and architecture including Roman and Turkish designs. Lots of shops for spices and clothes.
The Mosque is a must-see – it is under consideration to be a UNESCO site and its very beautiful.
In past decades to enter the Multan city, these gates were used. Fort was surrounded by these gates. Army also used these ancient gates to fight battles. Now the days residential and shopping area is there for middle-class people.

Ahmad Shah Abdali’s Birth Place Monument

The birthplace of a king, a sage, the most visionary person, south Asia ever had, he had a lot of concern for this area,s future regardless of religious affiliation, had his advice been taken seriously by Indian leaders at the time of the conquest of Bengal by East India company….history would have been altogether different.we have to study the life of this great man without prejudice. This is abdali mosque situated on Abdali road. This name was placed on Ahmad Shah Abdali’s Name. He was the founder of the modern state of Afghanistan.


Multan- being famous for Muslim Saints is also a clean and energetic city. We drove past the roundabout then headed into the complex. It was a fluke that we ended up at the Damdama. The entrance fee was more for foreigners but still cheap. Very friendly people and lots of oil paintings at the bottom level- what lacks are English explanation but then just by looking at them, you’ll understand that Multan has always been fought over- why? it was part of a trade route. The top offers a great view of the city from all angles- a surprise and love people watching from a high point. They should totally film here.

Chaman Zar Askari Lake Park

Nice place to visit with family. Kids love this place for amusement and adults like paddle boats and lake. Other attractions are 5D movie clips which are fun for kids, fast foods, and a small zoo. There used to be colorful fish that come up on putting popcorns but could not find them on the last visit. Popcorns eating fish was my most favorite and I am not sure is it closed permanently or temporarily.

Char Minar Masjid

I’m going Hyderabad by flight from Amritsar Hyderabad Airport to Secunderabad Airport AC bus is good fare is costly 265 Rs. But not bad. South Indian food is very good. idli Dosa pav very tasty & Low cost. Charminar is Not clean under Repairing work Hussain Lake is Clean & big nice lake. Big City. Hyderabad one of the best seen is char Minar lovely sculpture it is I love it Hyderabad there are char Minar.

Ibne Qasim Cricket Stadium

The cricket stadium is near to the ghanta ghar chock. PCB cricket matches are held are when they plan to come to Multan. In the evening the locals come here to play cricket. Though the condition of grass in the stadium is not very good, it was used for international cricket matches in the mid-80s. Now locals play here cricket and football and entry are free.

Shrine of Mai Maharban

A very typical building that portraits the Mughal style of archaeological designs. I have no idea about the history of this building but by no means, it is a boring place. Tomb of Mai Maharban is very old and it was constructed in 1140 AD. Old muddy look and very graceful. It is located at a hidden place near Chowk Fawara Muhalla Qadirabad near Children Complex Multan. If somehow with GPS you find it you will see a very different old looking but ignorant tomb in a narrow street.

Multan is full of tombs, monuments of Muslim origin, and other Historical Places.