Top visit Places in Murree – You must need to visit


Top Visit Places in Murree:

Murree is one of the best natural beauty of Pakistan. This is a wonderful place which you can visit in summer, winter both.. Mostly people preffered to visit Murree in summer due to its cool weather BUT Youngster preffered to visit Murree in Winter just enjoy the beautiful snowfall. In this article, we will let you know the Top visit places in Murree, Which you need to know before the visit.

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Mall Road Murree:

Murree Mall road is one of the top-visited places in Murree, Islamabad. There is a big market in Murree mall road where you can buy unique items. The road is usually busy till midnight and most crowded, due to this Traffic mostly jams especially in winter. If you want to see the joy of life, must visit this place you will see the Hotels, Restaurants, shopping in a single place. You can also stay near Murree Mall Road Hotels.

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Pindi Point Murree:

After Mall road, Pindi point is a wonderful place to visit with family and friends. It is about 20 minutes walking distance from the mall road. A chairlift is a favorite activity for youngster even for middle-aged people. You can see the Top mountains covered with lush greenery from top of the Pindi point.

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Kashmir Point Murree:

Kashmir Point is the most famous place in Murre Pakistan. This place has a beautiful park where you can visit with your families and surely spend a wonderful time. Ride of Safari Train and horse riding is the best to experience in Kashmir Point. If you want to stay in Murree with family then you can read our second article which is about Murree Hotels.

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Nathiagali Murree:

Nathiagali is one of the top historical places in Pakistan. It is located in near about Murree. People who are coming to visit Murree Preffered to visit Nathiagali too. The weather of this place is cool, Pleasent, Foggy even in Summer But in winter Snowfall increases the beauty of Nathiagali. Top Mountains, Palm Trees and Lush greenery in the most Attraction in Nathiagali. There is a lot of Hotels in near about Nathiagali where Tourists and Families can stay. If you want to stay here at must-visit Elite Hotel Nathiagali. This is near about Nathiagali.

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Ayubia Park Murree:

Ayubia Park is one of the large parks in Murre, Islamabad. This is a wonderful place where you can spend a few hours with your families and friends. The weather of Ayubia park is cool in the summer but too cold in winter. Hiking and chair lift is the best experience in Ayubia Park.

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Patriata Murree:

Patriata is almost 15 Kilometre from Murree. This is Most Visited places in Murree Islamabad. To visit the top point there is a Gondola Chairlift and cable car system. It would be fantastic views when you travel from the chairlift and go forward towards the cable car. Patriata Murree is a Top Punjab tour place.

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Sozo Adventure Park Murree:

A Sozo adventure park is a great place to spend time with children. People usually visit this park at weekends. Kids enjoy while taking rides and playing games. Sozo Adventure park considered best hill station of Islamabad.

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Ghora Gali Murree:

Ghora Gali is the best place to visit after Nathiagali in Murree Pakistan. The weather of this place is always pleasing and cold. This place is covered with Top Mountains, Trees, and Lush greenery.