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Visit to Kumrat Valley:

if you are Planning visit to the Kumrat Valley this blog is very helpful for you. The Kumrat Valley could be an unfamiliar gem for the exterior world; however, there are signs of life within the range with a relatively small population of local people going approximately their humble, everyday business. Found within the ‘head’ of Pakistan towards the North within the Upper Dir. Area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kumrat Valley is without a doubt one of the foremost picturesque places the nation has to offer. The nearest town to the valley is Thall. Thall is about 45 km from Kumrat and is used as the start point for trips toward Kumrat Valley. Thall is perhaps one of the most traditional places in Pakistan.

It is one of the most beautiful valleys of KPK, and an attractive spot for travelers. In summer season thousands of tourists from different areas of the country visit to Kumrat valley and enjoy the Scenic view and Snow falling weather.

Wadi Kumrat:

Wadi Kumrat is beautiful place for the tourist for camping and picnic. It is relatively undeveloped picnic spot beside the fact it is likely for the tourist because of its eye-catching scenic beauty. The valley also provides an option for mountaineering, trekking and rock climbing. Correspondingly, it provides a base camp for a hike to an alpine glacial Katora Lake.

Moreover, it is yet another heaven on earth of this world. The streams of fresh, chilled water originating from the lake, high snowy mountains, meadow spread over large areas, and the fresh and pure air, there are so numerous reasons why Wadi Kumrat is beautiful to create everything so exceptional. Here, you will discover yourself much closer to nature. Because of Wadi Kumrat beauty, it is impossible to forget it.

Kumrat Valley Hotel:

Kumrat Valley is having the abundance of watercourses and falls here. The perfect location for base camping but if you are not comfortable with camping then there are some Kumrat Valley hotel after 3 hours trekking down the town. Every night falls with more relaxing and peacefulness in the lap of earth. One might experience with eyes closed, just reaching into the sense of tranquility from the sound of water flowing down the hill. In Kumrat valley Hotel, provide all the basic facilities in the hillside, a isolated paradise from the village Lamoti (Upper Din).

KPK is one of the beautiful City of Pakistan. There are many Hill station in KPK. Chitta khatta lake is one of them.

Pakistan is one of the foremost-Blessed countries within the world where one finds tremendous mountains, deserts, lavish green meadows, waterfall, stream, snow-capped mountain, and streams at the same time.