Where Do I Start? Historical Places in Pakistan Information will help you.


Historical places in Pakistan information

With all the positive and amazing things, Pakistan is full of attracting and historical places everywhere. We provide some Historical places in Pakistan information, we bet you didn’t know about!!The history of Pak tourist place itself speaks about the ancient civilization and almost all of them have preserved in the beautiful way.

Most of us have heard about Pakistan Historic places but there are many who have not been given any importance, yet they exist.

Chaukhandi Tombs:

These tombs represent the structure of early Islamic cemeteries. It is located at 29 km (18 mi) east of Karachi, nearby the N-5 National Highway (Landhi Town, Pakistan). The Chaukhandi tombs are famous for having elaborate sandstone carvings.

Chaukhandi tombs
Chaukhandi tombs- Historical places in Pakistan information


The archaeological site of Banbhore dates back to 1st century BC. It is also located in Sindh, Pakistan. Port of Banbhore is an ancient city dating to the 1st century BC, dates back to the Scytho-Parthian era and was later controlled by Muslims from the 8th to the 13th century, after which it was abandoned. Remains of one of the earliest known mosques in the region dating back to 727 ADS are still preserved in the city.

Banbhore- Tour Destinations

Buddhist Ruins of Takht-i-Bahi:

Takht-i-Bahi, meaning spring throne, is a Buddhist monastic complex dating to the 1st century BC located on top of a 152 m high hill. (1st century). The historical complex is a complete Buddhist monastery consisting of four main groups; the Court of Stupas, a monastic complex, a temple complex, and a tantric monastic complex.

Takht-i-Bahi- Tourist’s attraction in Pakistan

Rehman Dheri:

Dheri is a pre-Harappan Archaeological site located near Dera Ismail Khan in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is said to be one of the oldest urbanized centers found to date in the whole South Asian region.

Rehman Dheri
Rehman Dheri- beautiful places in Pakistan


It is considered to be one of the most important Neolithic (6500 BCE to c. 2500 BCE) sites in archaeology. Mehrgarh is the second oldest Indus Valley civilization site after Bhirrana, Haryana, India, according to Archaeological Survey of India report. It is situated on the Kacchi Plain of Balochistan, Pakistan.

Mehrgarh- Pakistan tour packages

Katasraj Temple:

Katasraj Mandir or Katasraj Temple is located in Katas village near Choa Saidanshah. It is basically a Hindu temple complex.  Unfortunately, no proper efforts are being made to maintain the temple. The pond at the temple is drying up because of heavy use of ground water for industrial purposes.

Katasraj Temple
Katasraj Temple- Tourism Places in Pakistan

Hiran Minar and Tank, Sheikhupura:

Located in Sheikhupura, Punjab, the Hiran Minar was constructed by Emperor Jahangir as a monument to one of his pet deer, Mansraj. In the 1600s this place was famous for hunting. Once Mughal Emperor was hunting at this place, he mistakenly hunted down his own deer. He was very guilty of killing his own pet, that’s why he ordered to build this minaret. This is an amazing Pak tourist place which should be visited once in life.

Hiran Minar
Hiran Minar- Historical places information

Ranikot Fort, Dadu:

Ranikot Fort is a historical fort situated near Sann, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. It is also known as ‘The Great Wall of Sindh’. It is also believed to be the largest fort in the world with a circumference of about 26 kilometers (16m).

Ranikot Fort
Ranikot Fort- Information about Historical places in Pakistan

Baltit Fort:

Balti Fort, also known as Baltit Fort is an ancient fort located in the Hunza valley, Gilgit Baltistan region. It was founded in the 1st CE and since year 2004 it has been on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Baltit Fort
Baltit Fort- pak tourist place

Mansehra Rock Edicts:

Mansehra Rock Edicts are fourteen edicts of the Mauryan emperor Ashoka, inscribed on rocks in Mansehra in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The edicts are cut into three boulders and date back to 3rd century BC and they are written in the ancient Indic script of Gandhara culture, Kharosthi (Wikipedia).

Mansehra Rock Edicts
Mansehra Rock Edicts- Tourism & Travel

Rohtas Fort:

Rohtas Fort, Jhelum is an excellent example of Muslim military architecture of the mid-16th century A.D. Built by Sher Shah Suri, its aim was to prevent the Mughal emperor Humayun from returning to India after being defeated by the enemies. The massive walls and bastions of the fort run for more than four kilometers. They are indeed a masterpiece of civil engineering.

Rohtas Fort
Rohtas Fort- Historical places in Sindh

Archaeological Site of Ranigat:

Located in the Buner district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Ranigat is situated on the top of a ridge. The remains of the largest Buddhist monastic complex in the region reside there. It is a 2500-year-old Buddhist archaeological site belonging to the Gandhara civilization.

Archaeological Site of Ranigat
Archaeological Site of Ranigat- Pak Tourist Place

A quick wrap up:

These are some of the mind-blowing historical places in Pakistan information. These are stunning places for foreign tourists for traveling through. Maintenance of these places is necessary to keep their attractiveness alive for travelers. As compared to other countries we are not spending much for preservation of these gems. To keep the charm of visiting these historical places alive, our government must take adequate measures for the safety and maintenance of these amazing destinations.